CD Release May 11, at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz


Friday, February 17

Kuumbwa Jazz Center
Santa Cruz, Calif.

Bryn Loosley and the Back Pages
"Harvest" Live!

Neil Young's classic 1971 album, performed live in its entireity.

$5 - 9pm, doors 8:30 - All ages 

Bryn Loosley is a teacher and a songwriter in Santa Cruz, California. His 2008 debut, The Wrecker, was hailed by the Santa Cruz Sentinel as "a quiet stunner of an album that puts him, artistically, in the league of such better known singer/songwriters as Josh Ritter and Freedy Johnston." His second album, Blood Year, contains 12 songs, one inspired by each month of the year. (Click For Full Biography)


Blood Year Manifesto

Hi friends,

So, I decided. I'm going to begin work on an album. It's going to be called "Blood Year" and I'm going to write it over the course of 2010. Why? I don't know. But here are the basic principles of what I'm intending to do and what I need your help for:

This is an album about the calendar year
I will write 12 songs, one for each month of the year. Each song will not necessarily be ABOUT the month, but it will try and reflect the spirit of the month. Some will be more direct than others. They will all be meaningful to the month for me.

I will publish as much of the process as is reasonable
For each song, I'll record a demo of a draft of the song, some video of early rehearsals with the band, a video with the band performing the song, a decent quality demo of the song with some instrumentation, and eventually a final recorded version (probably).

This will be a non-profit album

I'm going to try not to spend a dime or make a dime on this album. Soon, I'm going to start giving away The Wrecker for donations to see if I can stir up a few dollars to begin with. If I sell any more hard copies of The Wrecker I will put the money into this. I might have a yardsale. I'll sell final version of the songs on iTunes. The preliminary versions will be available for download with an option to donate. Any money from sales of songs or donations will go into making better recordings or paying people who helped. If I sell a few songs, I'll spend that money full-scale recordings. If I sell a bunch, I'll print a hard copy. If not, not.

I will ask for help
If you can help by giving feedback, or making graphics, or adding a track at home, or telling people, I would appreciate it.

That's it! The January song is almost finished. February and April have ideas I'm working on. March is done.

Let me know what you think,


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